The Barratt Foundation pledges £1m in new grants for charities

The Barratt Foundation, the charitable organisation of Barratt Developments PLC has announced that five charities will receive more than £1m in new funding grants in time for Christmas.

The five charities are: Whizz-Kidz (£500,000), Place2Be (£300,000), Refuge (£100,000), Bookmark (£100,000) and the Lighthouse Club (£50,000). Each of these five charities has been carefully chosen by the Barratt Foundation Trustees to receive the money as they support the Foundation’s key priorities of promoting social inclusion, mental health and education.

This summer, the Barratt Foundation announced a £1.2m three-year partnership with Whizz-Kidz to help enable hundreds of young wheelchair users to become more mobile. This year £500,000 is being donated, which will see the charity reach out to many more young people who would not otherwise have access to a wheelchair that meets their needs, giving them greater independence and helping to build their confidence. Without the ability to be independent young wheelchair users are restricted in their ability to socialise and participate in society.

In addition, the Barratt Foundation has made a new £100,000 donation to Refuge. This will mean the charity can continue to provide its life-changing support to women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse. The funding will also contribute to Refuge providing the 24/7, 365 days a year National Domestic Abuse Helpline. With 1 in 4 women experiencing domestic abuse at some point in their life, the funding will help the charity to ensure no woman and their children are ever turned away from the help they need.

Supporting mental and physical health is another key target area for the Barratt Foundation, which is why it is now donating £300,000 to Place2Be. This major funding will help the charity to provide easy access mental health support to nearly 20,000 children and young people across the country. Currently 1 in 6 children have a diagnosable mental health condition so this money is vital for children, teachers and families who need the support now more than ever.

To help provide more support for mental health specifically within the construction industry, the Barratt Foundation is also donating £50,000 to the Lighthouse Club. This donation will help to fund services to improve the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of construction workers and their families, and complements the wider collaboration between Barratt and Lighthouse Club. The donation will also go towards funding ‘Make it visible’ tours, increasing awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health for 2,400 construction workers.

The other area that the Barratt Foundation is keen to support is education. This is why it has just announced a new £100,000 donation to Bookmark. The funding will help Bookmark to deliver one-on-one reading support to over 450 children, and reading resources to over 50,000 children across England, including creating 20 high-quality reading spaces in schools.

On top of the £1m in new partnership funding, the Barratt Foundation is also donating a further £160,000 from its Community Fund programme in time for Christmas. This involves 44 small donations going to local charities which the 32 divisions of Barratt Developments have chosen.

Mark Rolfe, Chair of the Barratt Foundation said:

“We are really excited to be working with each of these charity partners and providing over   £1m in donations in 2022. This funding will make a big difference to the individuals that each of these charities provide support for, and with the current economic uncertainty, cost of living increasing and in the run-up to Christmas, now is the right time for us to be helping them as much as we can.”

The Barratt Foundation has a fourth priority target of helping nature and the environment, and early next year it will be announcing two new charity partnerships in this area.