The Barratt Foundation donates £50,000 to the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal

​​​​​​​In response to the devastating floods across Pakistan, the Barratt Foundation has donated £50,000 to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) charities to support the six million people there in need of urgent help.

The Pakistan government report that a third of the country – an area the size of the UK – has been submerged. It is estimated that a million homes across Pakistan have been damaged or destroyed. Entire communities have been swept away including livelihoods, crops, schools and roads. People need food, clean drinking water and shelter. There is also a high risk of water-borne diseases spreading in affected areas. DEC charities are already on the ground responding to meet people’s basic needs but need funding to scale up their operations. We hope through this donation that we can support the DEC’s efforts to provide critical temporary shelter, as well as water, food and medical assistance for those in need.

And if you would like to donate and support the appeal, you can do so via this link: